words play

All Poems Written By Golda Solomon. All Poems are Copyrighted and may not be used without written permission of Golda Solomon/JazzJaunts

metaphor me but not in iambic
pentameter simile me
like like like

six/eight me a jazzy waltz
spin me again
and again

mambo and cha cha cha me back
to the catskills of my childhood
enjamb me into the next line of a

tercet stanza read me
read me page
by page

tea for two me as only monk’s
piano fingers could do
whisk me in a blues bowl

and i will six words you
a sestina that
speaks my life

collage me recycle me catalog me
dewey decimal me library of congress me
never make me over due

and mail me mail me to the moon
don’t forget to postage stamp me
forever forever forever……..