Praise the Poet

All Poems Written By Golda Solomon. All Poems are Copyrighted and may not be used without written permission of Golda Solomon/JazzJaunts

Praise  and kudos for my sister and brother poets

Praise this city with a mighty estuary that seasons our words with salt

Praise all the poets whose new spices gives us a diverse menu of verses

We are joined by meter, form, rhythm, new tongues that tease palates


Praise our ancestors, griot storytellers, sounds that burst through lips Who spoke and spread  history  tales   songs of life  progress and strife

Praise the poets with quill and pen, early recorders of romance war love

Praise the performance poets whose sounds resound as the gulls sway


To the syncopation of vowels, consonants, dipthongs  spit into the sky

Praise voices that holler   pray   whisper   rasp   howl

Praise our words we share freely

Priase all wordsmithys on this International Day set aside for us


Honoring our mission   our craft   our solitude as we create

Priase our stub of pencil

Praise our fine point of pen

Praise that poetry is positively political as we work


To keep our river clean    our city safe   our children innocent

Praise  poetry that  is an activist of change

Praise the poet who brings us hope  when we hurt

Soothes when we need to come together to heal


Praise the poets who write in blood red

Ink for never to be seen again loved ones

Countries left but never forgotten

Praise all the poets who speak up


We poets are the messenger

Praise to us all who find the balance of words

That lift our community’s spirits

Praise to the poets in elegy whose words gave us


A foundation  to learn from and to teach others

Praise to the poets who have the courage to create

And like our great City of Yonkers we persevere

We are all poets.   Praise us all