Golda Solomon, First Poet Laureate, Yonkers N.Y., poet-in-residence Blue Door Art Center, spoken word performer, creator of Po’Jazz (Poetry in Partnership with Jazz) and founding member of The Jazz & Poetry Choir Collective. Under the banner of JazzJaunts she also gigs around NYC and goes on the road with her poetry and a fabulous roster of jazz musicians.

Poetry & Jazz

As poet-in-residence at Blue Door Art Center Golda created and hosts ArtSpeak/From Page to Performance. The “Art” to writing, engaging all senses, informs these creative workshops. She serves as advisor to the monthly Open Mic. and is a mentor to writers and musicians.
Golda has received grants and honorariums from Arts Westchester, Poets & Writers, the NEA Yonkers Initiative, Rotary Club, Blue Door Art Center, Groundwork HV and Hudson Park that help with her commitment to effecting change in Yonkers through the arts.
Solomon is a published poet with her collections, Flatbush Cowgirl and Medicine Woman of Jazz and CDs, Po’Jazz: Takin’ It to the Hollow, First Sets and Jazz Riffs and is currently at work on her newest collection, “Medicine Woman of Jazz, Volume II: After Hours”.


Visual art

Golda has discovered the visual artist in herself and creates multimedia collages. A snippet of one of her poems makes its way into each piece.
Golda Solomon collaborates with the Science Barge, Beczak Environmental Education Center, the Riverfront Library  and other neighboring non-profits. She is a vital seasoned-in-years woman, and a Yonkers resident.